I create niche “Collaboratives” based on the “Join Forces” principle of the Superpower Quest. These are vibrant Zoom calls where we help each other solve huge problems and make big progress.

If you are interested, email me at johnny@superpowerquest.com!

Right now, I host the following Niche Collaboratives:

  1. Media Data Collaborative (for media professionals who specialize in data and revenue)
  2. Marketer-Owners Collaborative (for marketing consultants who are sole proprietors or side hustlers.)

I am thinking of launching the following in 2024:

  1. Creative Dads With Bills (Creatives looking to create meaningful revenue from a creative side hustle.)
  2. Career Pivoters (People looking to make a career change — new job, fractional work, etc.)
  3. Teachers With Bills (Teachers looking to supplement income with side hustles.)

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